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Thank you so much for helping out with my sister's Baby shower! It turned out waaay better than expected.
I will definitely come back in the future. And ill be recommending you to EVERYBODY!! Thanks again Love!
oh wow. what an experience! we booked a romantic dinner for 2 and were absolutely happy with what we got. Dinner is already prepared and ready for you. it's so intimate because it's truly just the 2 of you, no other people. The owner sits in her office and is readily available if you need anything at all. amazing love it!
I had my wedding there this Saturday. Misty was there with me from the start. She took care of all the chairs and tables. They all had cloths and chairs had a sash. She helped me decorate. She had the most perfect arch made. The venue was stunning!! My wedding day was the best day ever and Misty helped me make it that way. If you need a venue for a wedding call her. She helped me find an amazing DJ and a officiant.
The Gathering Place is so perfect!! Thank you Misty for all your work and your amazing venue!! Our wedding was a dream come true!!

Mitch & Christina Williams
I highly recommend The Gathering Place! it is a gorgeous venue ad Misty is so great to work with. If you need a place for a reception, party, etc. definitely book at The Gathering Place!

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